14 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199435

Lebanese Restaurant in Singapore

Turkish Food Singapore – Authentic Turkish & Lebanese Cuisine

Enjoy the Lebanese & Turkish Culinary experience and with an assortment of flavours. Step into the journey of Middle Eastern Cuisine. Our Authentic Menu of Lebanese & Turkish Cuisine presents you with authentic taste, with a wide selection of Mezze and Main Course.

Situated within a 3-minute walk from the cultural landmark of Singapore Sultan Mosque, Byblos Grill offers you an exceptional Lebanese & Turkish dining experience ready to awaken your senses. Our family-friendly ambience provides a charming setting in the company of your kids, family members and friends. We offer indoor and outdoor seating with a maximum capacity of 150 guests. An event space located on the second floor is also available for corporate workshops, team bonding and special occasions. 

BYBLOS GRILL’s catering division includes family catering, wedding catering, corporate catering and a host of other catering options for special events.

Visit Byblos Grill to indulge in the exquisite desire of the finest Lebanese & Turkish dining experience.

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Traditional Turkish Food & Lebanese Food

Our menu features an exquisite Lebanese taste and is freshly prepared with the finest ingredients imported directly from Lebanon. Promising you high-quality dishes, our meat is freshly prepared for you prior to your order. Discover the extravagant Byblos experiences through our own signature recipes of charcoal-grilled dishes such as Byblos Mixed Grill, Lamb Kofta and Byblos Beef Steak. Our heavenly Lamb Mandi and Chicken Kabsa have also won the hearts of our new and regular guests. Time to entice your taste buds with our specially prepared Lebanese Mezza’s such as Hummus, Tabbouleh and Kibbeh. Saffron rice is used as a side in our dishes as it gives you a better taste and aroma of the Lebanese & Turkish Food.

Enjoy Authentic Turkish & Lebanese Food With Byblos Grill !

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