14 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199435


Customer's Testimonials

star rating  The food was perfect.
The staff was very friendly.
The manager had offered us a free Lebanese dessert.

avatar thumb Egyptfan14
January 3, 2020

star rating  The food here is amazing. We made a reservation online which was simple to do. At night the streets are closed so our table was outside on the street. There... read more

avatar thumb Mcleary70
September 27, 2019

star rating  If you are looking for Lebanese food and are a vegetarian, this little joint in Arab street will satisfy you. While it has enough vegetarian dishes on its menu ,... read more

avatar thumb ShrutiN119
September 11, 2019

star rating  The dishes we ordered were juicy and delicious. The Lebanese spice mix is a nice contrast to the South-East-Asian one. Highlight is the tabletop grill from which some of the... read more

avatar thumb Asdafar
October 4, 2019

star rating  Will visiting friends in. Singapore we visited Arab street . We had lunch at Byblos Grill . A nice Lebanese restaurant . Well priced and very flavoursome . We would go back .

avatar thumb Murials
October 27, 2019

star rating  We were very hungry and decided to sit in this restaurant that got good scores on the sites. Prices are very expensive compared to Arab food - but we were... read more

avatar thumb danemi123
November 25, 2019

star rating  Had a 4 day stay in Singapore and after a tour of the Arab quarter wanted to have a Lebanese dinner.

This place was highly recommended on TripAdvisor so... read more

avatar thumb Otteryman
October 2, 2019

star rating  We had just two starters and softdrinks for about 30€. The baked potato was just sliced, mashed with cream and baked with a lot of cheese. The lentils soup was... read more

avatar thumb 65fabiane
November 2, 2019

star rating  The food at byblos grill is delicious and fresh shawarma is so delicious and chicken mandi rice was just superb. The staff Mr Ramadan is helpful and friendly. I Highly... read more

avatar thumb Mehnaazjebin01
January 23, 2020